The world is quickly turning towards digital technology, and people from numerous industries are trying to convert to this shift as soon as possible. Software and apps have made everything easy and effortless that the business owners can leverage it to the maximum. Incoporating software and other new technologies into the automotive industry is going to affect the industry in so many ways. As this delivers a lot of productivity, efficiency and financial benefits and helps in the management of garages. ENGARAGE have been named as one of the top must-haves in the automobile industry trends. Importance Of Software Development In The Automotive Industry Today, the world is circulate around computers, mobile phones and networks. It is quite tough to imagine a place without these things in our lives. From ordering food to a doctor consultation, you can do pretty much everything right from your home, infact right from your mobile phone wherever you are. As everything is computerized, almost every industry out there is trying to comprise these digital technologies and offer better service for its customers. The automotive industry is no exception because using digital technologies and offer better service for its customers. The automotive industry is no exception because using digital technologies in this sector will reduce a ton of your workload by providing and efficiencies, which both you the service providers and your customers can make use of it pretty effectively. Benefits Of ENGARAGE In Your Automotive Business 1. Easily Book Vehicle Appointment Garages are difficult to manage, and there are times when it is understaffed with multiple tasks to complete flying in from every direction possible. It is not easy to manage request at a time & this is where the effectiveness of customer booking via ENGARAGE raises the game and software steps in the picture to do the heavy lifting. This function will allow the customers to book their car service or repair by selecting the date and available time slots for the garage visit. With this technology, the staff will be able to serve them at that time without any hassle. Everything can be schedule for a particular date and amount of time, which reduces the stress for customers as well as the staff on the front counter or in the office. This smooth process of vehicle booking for log book services or repairs will give you back the time to engage in meaningful conversation with your customers. 2. Enablement Of Digital Inspection The automotive industry was pretty skeptical about digital inspection at first. But believe me, this technology has so many benefits, and it’s here to stay! So, if you are trying to incorporate this technology into your business, then it is high time for you to get this done. The manual or paper vehicle inspection takes up a lot of time and that’s not the best use of your mechanic’s time, right? Digital inspection can reduce this time challenge with ease. The technology enables all your checklist to be either a tick and flick or you may have more detailed checks it doesnt really matter. The instant notification to your customer will speed up the approval process and certainly build trust. This smart technology will reduce workload so that staff can concentrate on other works like working on the next vehicle rather than spending their time on filing out and attaching manual paper inspections. 3. Simple Job Scheduling Usually, car workshop have a reasonable number of employees, and during busy times it becomes difficult to manage them. With a lot of vehicles coming in for service or repair, it is not easy for the staff to get things done and keep track of it. This scenario is the reason why every workshop, garage workshop should invest in the right automotive software. This software will manage the planning of customer appointments and scheduling of the jobs for your mechanic or bays, which mean less confucion and total control. The schedule displays the date and time, the reason for the booking, customer information and which mechanic has been scheduled to work on it, as things change so fast on daily basis having the ability to reschedule to another mechanic or another day gives you the flexibility to manage your garage schedule with ease. 4. Assistance From Digital Reports Succesful garages require a strong set of reports that gives them visibility to track performance and measure key metrics including streamline reporting that helps you drilldown to identify the most profitable part of your business. Your entire paperwork trail can be reduced if not eliminated with the help of software. The cloud based flexible reporting should give you access in real time from any device making work feel like holiday. Move Onwards Check out ENGARAGE one of the best automotive managament software platform present in the market. It is the innovative digital solution in the auto mechanical sector, offering all the required features for workshops and their customers. This software provides you with all the benefits mentioned above. So, why dont you give it a try and streamline your entire automotive business with ease!

Booking form can be found in every POMEN Smart Workshop‘s account. Dont have POMEN Smart Workshop‘s account? Get one here and enjoy 14 days free trial. Step 1: Login to your POMEN Smart Workshop’s account. Step 2: Click on ‘booking’ under ‘manage’ button. Step 3: Start add booking by clicking ‘+booking’ button. Step 4: Insert your customer’s detail and car information. In this booking form, you may insert your customer’s booking details depending on how your customer book for their services. In ‘booking source’, you can select whether they book by call, send you whatsapp message, booking via website or they walk in to your workshop themselves. In ‘appointment method’ section, you can choose an options such as ‘pick up/drop’, ‘on-site service’ or ‘drive in’ depending on your customer’s situation. Finally, click ‘send email’ and your customer’s booking form will be send to their email. Their booking form will be look like this: Another Method To Make A Customer Booking. There’s an additional method to book a customer appointment at POMEN Smart Workshop. You can also make a booking through the ‘calender’ tools under the ‘manage’ button. Next, click on the date to schedule your customer booking for upcoming day, week or months. After that, repeat Step 2. This method is much easier as you can monitor upcoming services on certain date. After make a customer booking, you can proceed to do a work order. See how to make a work order here. Still hesitate to get POMEN Smart Workshop? Hesitate no more! Get free demo now!

Manage merupakan antara tool yang ada dalam akaun POMEN Smart Workshop anda. Dah daftar akaun percuma POMEN Smart Workshop anda? Kalau belum, daftar di sini & dapatkan 14 hari free trial! Terdapat 3 komponen di dalam Manage iaitu Booking, Work Order, & Calendar. Apa yang boleh anda lakukan dengan 3 komponen ni? Mari kami tunjukkan! Pertama sekali, anda boleh gunakan Booking untuk segala urusan temujanji pelanggan. Anda juga boleh gunakan Booking untuk lihat maklumat pelanggan yang sedia ada. Selain dari itu, terdapat fungsi di mana anda boleh merujuk laman Booking untuk ketahui langkah seterusnya yang perlu diambil. Ini memastikan anda tidak tertinggal mana-mana booking baru yang datang dari handphone mahupun walk-in. Komponen seterusnya adalah Work Order; Di halaman Work Order, anda boleh pantau kerja yang sedang berlangsung di bengkel anda. Anda juga boleh semak tugasan mekanik di bengkel untuk memastikan penggunaan tenaga kerja yang bersesuaian. Takde masa nak tengok Booking atau Work Order? Gunakan halaman Calendar untuk lihat semua temujanji & jadual harian di bengkel anda. Dengan POMEN Smart Workshop, segalanya ada di satu tempat! Anda tak perlu merujuk lejar atau buku resit yang tebal kerana segalanya ada di hujung jari. Tak sabar nak cuba? Daftar akaun POMEN Smart Workshop secara percuma bila anda klik sini!

Dashboard ni ada dalam setiap akaun POMEN Smart Workshop. Dah daftar akaun percuma POMEN Smart Workshop anda? Kalau belum, daftar di sini & dapatkan 14 hari free trial! Selepas anda login ke akaun POMEN Smart Workshop, anda akan sampai terus ke dashboard. Di dashboard ini, anda boleh lihat summary harian di bengkel. Tak pasti di mana nak cari maklumat penting? Mari kami tunjukkan. Dalam dashboard POMEN Smart Workshop ni, anda boleh check sales harian & bulanan. Penting tau! Anda kena sentiasa peka dengan jumlah sales anda untuk pastikan bengkel anda masih beroperasi dengan keuntungan. Selain dari itu, anda boleh lihat jumlah booking & work order yang perlukan perhatian selanjutnya. Perlukan lebih maklumat tentang jumlah jualan? Anda juga boleh check jumlah sales mengikut tarikh tertentu. Terutamanya jika ada keraguan tentang tarikh & jumlah sales, senang nak check semula. Urusan harian di bengkel juga mudah untuk disusun dengan adanya pemantauan bay. Selain dari booking & work order, anda juga boleh check bay yang available di bengkel. Dashboard anda juga boleh berikan anda maklumat tentang servis yang selalu pelanggan request. Senang nak buat promosi & dapatkan return customer bila anda tahu market anda. Nampak tak kelebihan dia bila anda gunakan POMEN Smart Workshop? Masuk bengkel, semua boleh settle dengan cepat. Sebab maklumat semua dah ada dalam dashboard. Tak sabar nak cuba? Daftar akaun POMEN Smart Workshop secara percuma bila anda klik sini!

Bersedia untuk cuba POMEN Smart Workshop? Ikut je video tutorial di bawah! Langkah 1: Lawati halaman wms.pomen.io Langkah 2: Tekan butang Sign Up for Trial Langkah 3: Isikan maklumat bengkel anda Langkah 4: Selesai. Selepas siap mendaftar, anda boleh terus guna POMEN Smart Workshop dengan PERCUMA selama 14 hari! Perlukan tutorial video? Pun ada! Senang kan nak buat akaun POMEN Smart Workshop? Yang paling penting, percuma je! Apa tunggu lagi, cepat la daftar.

Perasan tak, stok di bengkel anda selalu habis? Belum sempat order spare part baru, barang dalam inventori semua licin. Memang seronok bila ramai customer datang tapi kalau barang selalu habis, customer pun lari ke bengkel lain. Jadi kenapa stok selalu habis ya? Bila tengok inventori dalam AutoCount nampak macam masih penuh tapi rupa-rupanya stor dah kosong. Ini antara sebab stok bengkel anda selalu habis tanpa anda sedar; Sebab tu bengkel kereta anda perlukan sistem pengurusan inventori yang efektif supaya anda sentiasa ada laporan inventori yang terkini. Susah nak cari masa untuk urus stok anda? Ada cara yang mudah untuk pastikan stok anda sentiasa up to date: gunakan sistem pengurusan bengkel! Apa itu Sistem Pengurusan Bengkel? Sistem pengurusan bengkel kereta atau Workshop Management System (WMS) seperti POMEN Smart Workshop adalah sejenis perisian yang digunakan untuk menguruskan kegiatan harian sebuah bengkel kereta. Sistem ini menyediakan pelbagai fungsi penting untuk pemilik bengkel kereta seperti anda dalam menjadual & menyimpan work order, mengira rekod kewangan harian serta menyediakan laporan yang tepat mengenai segala kegiatan bengkel. Sistem pengurusan bengkel juga memudahkan urusan harian setiap pemilik bengkel dalam memantau dan menguruskan kegiatan harian. Jika anda mempunyai masalah dalam menguruskan inventori di bengkel kereta anda, sistem pengurusan bengkel boleh membantu dengan cara berikut: Dengan menggunakan sistem pengurusan bengkel seperti POMEN Smart Workshop, bengkel kereta boleh memastikan inventori selalu dalam tahap yang baik dan mempermudahkan proses pembelian stok barangan. Software pengurusan bengkel yang efektif juga boleh membantu dalam mengurangkan kos operasi bengkel. Cuba POMEN Smart Workshop Secara PERCUMA Daftar di sini untuk cuba sendiri workshop management system POMEN Smart Workshop! Selain dari stok & inventori, POMEN Smart Workshop juga mempunyai banyak kelebihan lain untuk pemilik bengkel kereta. Sistem ini menyediakan pelbagai kemudahan untuk membantu urusan harian anda sebagai pemilik bengkel. Memudahkan penjadualan: POMEN Smart Workshop boleh membantu pemilik bengkel menjadualkan kerja-kerja pembaikan dan servis dengan lebih cekap, mengelakkan sebarang kekeliruan atau kelewatan. Meningkatkan tahap efisien: Dengan menggunakan sistem pengurusan bengkel kereta POMEN Smart Workshop, proses pembaikan dan servis kereta boleh dilakukan dengan lebih cekap, mengurangkan masa yang diambil untuk menyiapkan setiap kerja. Mengurangkan kesilapan & kecuaian: POMEN Smart Workshop boleh membantu mengurangkan kemungkinan kesilapan semasa melakukan kerja pembaikan dan servis kereta, yang boleh menyebabkan kekecewaan pelanggan dan kerugian kewangan. POMEN Smart Workshop menyediakan laporan yang tepat: Sistem pengurusan bengkel kereta kami boleh memberikan laporan yang tepat mengenai keputusan kerja pembaikan dan servis kereta, termasuk kos yang terlibat dan masa yang diambil. Memudahkan komunikasi: POMEN Smart Workshop boleh memudahkan komunikasi antara pemilik bengkel, staf, dan pelanggan, menyediakan platform yang mudah untuk bertukar maklumat dan mengelakkan sebarang kekeliruan. Meningkatkan kepuasan pelanggan: Dengan menggunakan sistem pengurusan bengkel kereta POMEN Smart Workshop, pemilik bengkel boleh meningkatkan kepuasan pelanggan dengan menyediakan perkhidmatan yang lebih cekap dan tepat pada masanya. Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk cuba sendiri workshop management system POMEN Smart Workshop!