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Next-Generation Automotive Workshop CRM System 

App Links Workshops and Car Owners for Swift Auto Solutions

Fleet Maintenance Management for Fleet Operators

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Your All-in-One Solution for Fleet Management

Automotive SaaS: Streamlining Fleet Management, from Costs to Maintenance

One Dashboard for All

List all fleets asset in one dashboard across all division and manage the maintenance

Asset Total Cost of Ownership

Get overall asset & vehicle expenses insight one click. Make your decision based on validated data.

Book & Schedule Maintenance

Scheduled and book your fleet maintenance with appointed workshop and knows the cost.

Financial Analysis

Analyze vehicle maintenance financially across model & brands from analytics dashboard.

Reporting & Insight

Basic and advance report for your business, report issues, breakdown directly to fleet manager.


Connect with Telematics provider to access important vehicle important data points i.e.: location & odometer.


Our expertly crafted management system offers an all-in-one solution made for your industry.

Vehicle Database Listing

Live Booking

Workforce Calendar


Fleet Manager Module

Work Orders

Reminder Notification



3-Tier User Access Level


Marketing Automation

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