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Perasan tak, stok di bengkel anda selalu habis? Belum sempat order spare part baru, barang dalam inventori semua licin. Memang seronok bila ramai customer datang tapi kalau barang selalu habis, customer pun lari ke bengkel lain. Jadi kenapa stok selalu habis ya? Bila tengok inventori dalam AutoCount nampak macam masih penuh tapi rupa-rupanya stor dah […]

Systematize Satisfication Creating a flawless and elegant experience for your customer will enhance your chances of impressing them. We live in a culture of convenience which means expectations are on the rise, which makes it even more visible when processes and experiences are manual and complex. With the use of the right technology you can […]

Masalah work order yang tidak teratur boleh menjejaskan operasi bengkel kereta anda. Ini boleh menyebabkan kelewatan dalam penyelesaian tugasan, kehilangan dokumen penting dan kadang-kadang kesilapan dalam membuat pengiraan komisen di hujung bulan. Sebagai pemilik bengkel kereta, anda pasti kusut dengan masalah work order yang kucar-kacir. Jadi bagaimana anda boleh mengatasi semua masalah ini? Mari kita […]

The auto repair industry is expeditiously changing, repairing vehicles nowadays has become high-tech occupation with technicians using a laptop, computer or a handheld device are a common sight during the repair or services. In this ever changing landscape, workshop owners are fighting to simplified their daily operational activities and in understanding the diverse nature of […]

As the economy brawl, things get tough and even a little risky, there is no doubt that you have seen this in your shop. This is tricky in the sense that people tend to neglect and sometimes go without their vehicle maintenance or repair, which leads to slower days and at a times even longer […]

A well-organized workshop can be a time and money saving asset. Managing your workshop appropriately is vital to ensure deadlines are met and downtime is kept to a minimum. These are some of the tools you need to keep everything running smoothly. Organizing Tools Ineffective workshops are usually the result of inefficient scheduling. Having a […]