The engine is a lot like the brain of a car. It holds all the power necessary to help your car function. And without it, your car would be nothing. So, let’s explore some tips about engine maintenance.

  1. Change your engine oil more often

All moving parts are kept well lubricated by the engine oil so that wear and tear are minimal. It traps all the dust, dirt, and sediments, plus keeping them away from places they are not supposed to be. Check every month for oil levels and top up if the level is low. This will ensure that you engine runs smooth and cool.

2. Replace the fuel filter

A car’s filters ensure the air that enters the engine is clean and free of debris. But if that filter gets clogged or too dirty, less air will be able to enter the engine, or dirty air will enter the engine. Try changing your fuel filter with a new one. Your car engine will run smoothly in no time.

3. Check your cooling system

Asian girl’s hand checking level of coolant car engine.

You’ll need to remind yourself to regularly check your engine coolant. Make sure to not to check coolant levels while the engine is still hot. Otherwise, you’ll get the risk of getting splashed by hot coolant or damaging the engine block by adding cold coolant.

4. Look for car leaks

If you see fuel is leaking, get your car check by the nearest mechanic. You can also check it by yourself with just looking under the hood. You’ll be able to see or smell something leaking. Note to self: Engine oil and antifreeze are fluids that you should look out for when checking for car leaks.

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